Dedicated to Preserving, Restoring and Enjoying the
1928-1931 Model A Ford


The Harbor Club has a nice assortment of Model A tools for loan to members. When you borrow them, we ask that you return them in good condition. If you have a need for a special tool we don’t have, contact Bobby DeCrescenzo and maybe we can obtain one for future use by members.

Tool List

#1 Some of the car parts:   Distributor, water pump, clutch disk and aligning tool, two different carburetors

#2 Gas Gauge Tool    Used for removal and installation of the Model A gas gauge

#3 Clutch Disk and clutch disk tool used for aligning the clutch disk when removal or installation of the transmission, pressure plate or clutch disk  is needed.

#4 Frame Spreader     Needed to spread the frame of the chassis for easier installation of the Model A engine.

#5 Rear Spring Spreader  Needed to safely remove or install the rear leaf spring from the rear end housing.

#6 Brake Pedal Adjusting Tool    Used for adjusting the correct travel of the Model A brake pedal as relating to the force of the brakes when contacting the brake drums.

#7 Steering Wheel Puller  Needed to remove the steering wheel from the steering column. There are two --- one is for the 1928/1929 the other is for 1930/1931

#8 Rear Wheel  Drum Hub Puller   Needed for the removal of the rear drum hub for maintenance on the brake system .